It may not have made headlines today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important: the latest news about the Changemaker Challenge!

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge Finalists!

  Last weekend has been marked in fluorescent yellow for weeks, circled multiple times. We’ve been anxiously waiting for those two days since… Well, since we first came up the idea 6 months ago. “What idea?”, you might ask. The Dopper Changemaker Challenge of course! […]

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Meet the Judges in United Kingdom

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge is an opportunity for students across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Nepal to change the world with their research related to polluted water and plastic waste. The top 10 finalists will win grants of up to £5,000, bespoke mentoring, […]

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Meet the Judges in Germany

Meet the 2019 Dopper Changemaker Challenge jury of the German semi-finals and finals! From CSR consultants to entrepreneurial activists and environmental policy experts, these five judges are gearing up to shortlist 20 ideas, which include the future winners of research grants of up to € […]

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Meet the Judges in Nepal

For this first edition of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge in Nepal we are happy to work with a wonderful selection of judges form a variety of different fields. From boots-on-the-ground organisers, to professors and directors, each of these individuals are knowledgeable on the topic of […]

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The semi-finalists are here!

The first international edition of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge is already a huge success! We are overwhelmed by the amount of applications that came in from all the different countries. The goal of our project was of course to engage students with the mission of […]

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Meet the Judges in the Netherlands

Meet the 2019 Dopper Changemaker Challenge jury of the Dutch semi-finals and finals! From marine biologists to award-winning entrepreneurs and conservation experts, these seven judges are gearing up to shortlist 20 ideas, which include the future winners of research grants of up to €5,000!   […]

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The Story of Louisa Dellert

Louisa Dellert had it all as a gym influencer. But she turned her life around almost three years ago, when she wanted to take an underwater photo in Malta. Surrounded by the enormous amount of plastic waste, she was amazed. Her first urge was to […]

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The Story of Mona Lüders

Find out why Berlin-based photographer Mona Lüders created Windows of Consumption, an art project that puts the waste problem up on display.   Plastic waste as a mirror “With my photo series, I want to raise awareness about the luxury of consumption that we’ve become […]

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Changemaker Challenge cupclub safia uk

The Story of Safia Qureshi

Find out how award-winning architect and innovation designer Safia Qureshi came up with CupClub™, a reusable coffee cup service that makes it easy to do the right thing.   Innovation inspired by waste-free chai “Inspiration can come from anywhere. We drew from amazing circular principles […]

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Changemaker Challenge luwies iago santos ligtenberg nl

The Story of Iago Santos Ligtenberg

Find out how fashion and textile technology graduate Iago Santos Ligtenberg is tackling the plastic problem through circular interior design.   The beginning of a new economy It was a book that inspired me to do something about the plastic problem. Material Matters, by Thomas […]

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Changemaker Challenge upasna CERAD partner dopper nepal

The Story of Upasna Acharya

Facts, facts, facts. In the end, that is what all good research is built on. And it is some amazing research we need if we want to find new solutions to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in our waters. Upasna also believes this to […]

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Changemaker Challenge suman smart paani partner dopper

The Story of Suman Shakya

It all started when Suman realised he did not want to be dependent on the government for his water supply. He took matters into his own hands, he co-founded SmartPaani – a company that installs water purification systems. Read here how this simple idea impacted […]

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Changemaker Challenge doko pankaj nepal

The Story of Pankaj Paniyar

One of the changemakers in Nepal is Pankaj Paniyar. With his hard work in the waste recycling business, he hopes to inspire those around him to come up with solutions for problems. Problems that are far too often ignored   From problem to solution Doko […]

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Changemaker Challenge great bubble barrier saskia nl

The Story of Saskia Studer

Find out how The Great Bubble Barrier co-founder Saskia Studer dedicates her graphic design talent and creative skills to an award-winning solution to collect plastic from rivers and canals!   Once upon a time, at a bar “I’ve always thought I should be doing something […]

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The Story of Ayumi Matsuzaka

Find out how Ayumi Matsuzaka used her soil art to inspire 100% compostable, plastic-free diapers that are turned into nutrient-rich fertiliser! The first completely biodegradable diaper “The first time I tried to compost “eco” diapers in 2014, I failed. In my compost box, there were […]

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Changemaker Challenge plastic freedom beth noy uk

The Story of Beth Noy

After getting fed up with all the plastic waste in her life, changemaker Beth Noy founded Plastic Freedom, an online store that delivers plastic-free alternatives to your doorstep! The first steps to zero plastic “I first decided to go plastic free in March 2017 after […]

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Changemaker Challenge kickoff

Kickoff Event: 14 March!

DOPPER CHANGEMAKER CHALLENGE | KICK-OFF EVENT When? 14 March 2019 Where? Impact Hub King’s Cross Calling all students graduating on the subject of plastic waste or clean water! Need help with taking your plastic waste or clean water idea to the next level? Join us […]

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Changemaker Challenge refill Nathalie Fee uk

The Story of Natalie Fee

Find out how changemaker Natalie Fee, who is behind award-winning campaigning organisation City to Sea, decided to stop marine plastic pollution at the source! The power of storytelling to inspire action “I lived in a city, I didn’t swim, sail or surf. I’m not a […]

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Changemaker Challenge berlin anntje germany

The Story of Antje Klemichen

Antje Klemichen is a researcher at TU Berlin, the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. After training as a ship mechanic in Hamburg, Antje Klemichen studied sustainable energy systems in mechanical engineering. For her Master’s thesis, she developed an advanced design methodology for implementing sustainable aspects […]

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Changemaker Challenge straw by straw ev liu nl

The Story of Ev Liu

Find out how changemaker and Straw by Straw founder Ev Liu went from taking her first steps into sustainability to developing a plastic-free straw available at more than 100 locations in the Netherlands and abroad! The seeds of an activist brand “I can remember three […]

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Changemaker Challenge wasteboards jonathan morris nl

The Story of Jonathan Morrison

Find out how Jonathan Morrison and his team manufacture high-quality skateboards from discarded plastic bottle caps A product that tells the story “At the end of 2015, I was working in sales – and not that excited about it – when a friend told me […]

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Changemaker Challenge boy

These students competed before you

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge has started again! A good time to look back at the previous edition. When recalling last year we think of our finale week which featured: a smooth sailing trip across the Markermeer, a late-night bonfire dance-sessions, and some morning yoga – […]

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Changemaker Challenge hand

Can you drink water straight from your tap?

In many countries in Europe, you have clean water coming from your tap, ready to get you some hydration. But lots of people don’t. Here are some facts: One in ten people in the world drink water from unprotected water sources – this means that […]

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Changemaker Challenge plastic

The plastic problem

Plastic is a great invention. Around 1900 chemists were experimenting with the formation of the new material that would later be called plastic. Over the course of the following 100 years this new material has found its way to so many places we can’t even […]

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Changemaker Challenge questions on the form

The questions on the application form

Hello there, great to see that you’re curious about the questions on the application form. As you might have read, to apply for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge we ask you to fill in some questions on a website called YouNoodle.  This is a digital form […]

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And the winner is……

Today it’s Monday May 14, and we’re prying open our eyes to look back on a special weekend. No, we’re not talking about the Songfestival (too bad Waylon). Last weekend we organized the semi finals and the finals of Dopper Foundation’s Changemaker Challenge; a competition […]

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Here are the semi finalists!

Today, you are probably minding your own business, drinking some water to ease your headache that might’ve been the result of another party. And then: BAM! You are one of the semi finalists of the Changemaker Challenge! It could happen to you. Is your name […]

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When you win the Changemaker Challenge…

What do you do when you win the Changemaker Challenge? Book the first flight to a tropical island to work on your research there? Brigit van Brenk was one of the winners in 2017. We asked her how she’s doing. And if she moved to […]

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Meet our judges!

You enter the stage, the spotlight shines in your face, and you hope those comfy looking chairs will turn when they hear your research proposal. But who is sitting in these chairs? Meet the judges of the Changemaker Challenge, the experts who decide whether your research gets a chance to change the world forever.

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The preparations are in full swing, we’re spreading posters at all universities and we want to be present at every event to inform all students about The Changemaker Challenge. The recruitment process of the second edition has started and we are doing our best to […]

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The finals 2017

On 22 March, World Water Day, it was all hands on deck for the 11 Changemaker Challenge finalists competing for the prize of € 3,000. Because the sizzling final was battled out aboard the Pasaat sailing vessel! Perfectly peacefully, of course. The story so far… […]

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Rossella Messina

Microplastics have already been found in various brands of German beer, but no research has yet been carried out to ascertain whether our drinking water has been contaminated with these miniscule plastic particles. Rosella is going to change that!

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Brigit van Brenk

Due to growing use, wastewater increasingly contains traces of medicines and pesticides. Brigit has come up with a way to break down these substances naturally with a superrrr mushroom!

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Alejandro Medina Aristizábal

In La Guajira, a desert region in the north of Colombia, many children die every year due to a lack of safe drinking water. Changemaker Challenge finalist Alejandro wants to use his invention to counter this.

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Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Virtually nowhere else are the effects of climate change as visible as in Bangladesh, where periods of drought alternate with floods. Finalist Mohammed wants to investigate whether it is possible to harvest rainwater with the aid of microcredit.

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Eric Ziemann

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently sounded the alarm about antibiotic resistance. How can we detect even the smallest residues of antibiotics in water? Water Technology student Eric is going to find out!

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Ira Wardani

The Citarum River in Indonesia is one of the most important rivers in Java, as well as one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Ira wants to find out how can we prevent waterborne diseases amongst the surrounding residents of this river!

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Gayathri Jaikumar

Changemaker Challenge finalist Gayathri wants to study how primary and secondary microplastics are dispersed through the marine ecosystem. To do that, she is starting at the basis of the food chain: water fleas!

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Lucas van der Maas

There is no successful method for the biorecycling of bio-plastics without loss of raw materials and energy. Changemaker Challenge finalist Lucas wants to develop a solution for this using micro-organisms.

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Kees wants to develop an Urban Water Security Dashboard to assess the water safety situation in cities in order to assist local authorities in policy development.

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Report finals

A palpable tension is in the air in the hall of the Utrecht University on 9 February. However, this time the damp armpits and stressed little faces aren’t the result of any exams, but are caused by the breath-taking Changemaker Challenge semi-finals.

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Doing research for a company? You can still participate!

Are you writing your research at a company? No worries! You can still participate in the Changemaker Challenge.

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Changemaker Challenge does not cause study delay

Even though you probably love the student live, you are also looking forward to handing in your Master’s thesis. Therefore, we have organized the Changemaker Challenge in such a way that it will not cause study delay.

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Inspiration for your topic

The topics clean water and plastic waste may sound somewhat limiting. But they actually offer endless possibilities. To stimulate your creativity, we have drawn up a short list of ideas you can use as an inspiration or starting point for choosing your thesis topic: How […]

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What to do with 5 grand?

No idea how to spend €5000 of research budget? Maybe we can help. You can use the research money for everything that can help you to achieve better research results. Consider the amount as extra addition to your research!  It’s the icing on your cake, […]

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Changemaker Challenge: for alpha, beta and gamma students!

Are you studying for a HBO or Master’s degree in for instance art, theater, anthropology, communication, design, human geography or sociology? The Changemaker Challenge is suitable for all students, whether you are an alpha, beta or gamma student. Dopper Foundation invites you to do your […]

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Dopper Foundation is looking for Changemakers!

The Changemaker Challenge is a Dopper Foundation initiative. Worldwide, this Foundation is fighting against single-use plastic and for clean drinking water, by – among other things – gaining knowledge about these subjects.

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Cosmic boys and girls

What is a plastic?

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Road litter

If we want to get rid of all that plastic along the roadside, how can we make that happen?

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Trending topic: microplastics

Do you want to do research on microplastics along our coast line, rivers, parks, and roadsides?

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Used plastic=fantastic

Dopper and Q-Plastic want to find out how the Dopper can be recycled

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