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The Story of Beth Noy

After getting fed up with all the plastic waste in her life, changemaker Beth Noy founded Plastic Freedom, an online store that delivers plastic-free alternatives to your doorstep!

The first steps to zero plastic

“I first decided to go plastic free in March 2017 after feeling as though I was drowning in plastic waste, which was piling up in my everyday life. I kept looking at the things I was buying and wondering why everything came in so much disposable packaging. I decided that enough was enough and made my first step towards a plastic-free life: I vowed never to buy another plastic bottle! Nowadays, all of my home, travels and shopping are completely plastic-free!


A one-stop shop for a plastic-free lifestyle

“I bring together products from amazing brands to a single place where people can shop completely plastic-free and have their orders delivered without any plastic packaging. I do all of the research and hard work, so my customers don’t have to. With my company, I have the purchasing power to ensure that suppliers deliver plastic-free orders. Also, I’m actively working to help make similar changes higher up the chain.”


Preventing plastic pollution one sale at a time

“Since launching Plastic Freedom in January 2018, I’ve sold 26,000 plastic-free items on my site, which has prevented the same number of their plastic equivalents from being purchased and discarded. This achievement sends a powerful message that there is consumer demand for plastic-free products! Unless businesses start to change, they will be losing potential customers who are looking for eco-friendly choices!”


Advice from one changemaker to another

“Social media is a powerful tool to spread your message. Whether it’s your new business, an activist project or simply a hobby, you can show people that small, incremental changes to their everyday lives have a positive impact on the planet. Sharing my journey online is where the magic began for me. There were so many people actively listening to what I had to say, becoming aware of the plastic problem and starting to cut out plastic from their lives, too!”


More about changemaker Beth

Beth Noy is the founder of the plastic-free e-commerce platform and campaign Plastic Freedom. She previously helped manage her family’s business, Leisure Lakes Bikes, where she worked as the online content and events manager before taking on Plastic Freedom full time. An extreme sports and adventure lover, Beth is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and surfer.