Our partners

Dopper’s vision of a world without plastic waste in our waters is ambitious. In order to be as effective as possible in reaching our goal, we are always eager to partner up with other organisations that share this vision. Wherever, whenever.

An example of an organisation with whom we have joined forces is the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI). This incredible NGO is – like us – passionate about sustainable development and beating plastic pollution in particular. Due to our office being in Haarlem – the Netherlands, Kathmandu is quite some km’s away. For this reason the previously Himalayan Climate Initiative’s (HCI) main focus is carrying out the Dopper Changemaker Challenge in Nepal.

Both of us share the conviction that that scientific contributions to the topics of plastic and access to water can help turn the tide. A match made in heaven.

About the Himalayan Climate Initiative: boots on the ground and plastic experts

HCI is a youth-driven non-profit organisation committed to social inclusion and climate resilience. Their goal? – Putting Nepal on the map when it comes to sustainable development. In 7 years time, HCI has incubated 12 green ideas in the forms of social enterprises, charities and advocacy projects. These ideas have generated green jobs for over 1100 women from marginalized backgrounds, recycled over 750 tons of PET waste, distributed over 2300 scholarships and convened a youth-led campaign to ban plastic bags in Nepal, successfully introducing a legislation to ban single-use plastic bags in Kathmandu. HCI recently formed a Coalition to Beat Plastic Pollution to continue to advocate to end plastic pollution in Nepal.

A long story short: HCI is our sustainability- and plastic expert, as well as our men and women on the ground in Nepal that out the Dopper Changemaker Challenge.



But wait.. there is more

The tandem of Dopper and HCI work together with some other organisations that help us with the Dopper Changemaker Challenge. Because we are so proud of our friends, we couldn’t resist introducing them to you:

SmartPaani: our champions in water

The first one is our great partner SmartPaani, this mission-driven company, that provides water filtration systems in Nepal, is a valuable ally of ours. Given their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, they serve us as real experts in the provision of water – especially access to water.

This might not seem like such a revolutionary idea to many of us in Europe, but in Nepal the cards are often shuffled a bit differently. Unfortunately, many families in Nepal lack access to clean drinking water. The taps and wells that are present are often not entirely safe, contamination is still a big issue. This makes many families dependent on the purchase of water from so called water-trucks. These merchants sell water in plastic bottles, that are then thrown out again – not the most sustainable solution, both from an environmental and reliability perspective.

Given this context, you can really imagine how groundbreaking the rain filtration systems of SmartPaani are. By doing so, neither living standards nor the environment are compromised – we call that Sustainable Development with capital letters.
To give you an idea of the size of this impact: SmartPaani has installed 2300 water installations over the last seven years, these systems harvest 45,000,000 litres of rainwater every year. This has changed the lives of roughly 32,000 students on 155 schools who now don’t have to think twice when they want to take a zip of water.

It is sometimes assumed that if developing countries want to achieve economic growth they have to sacrifice the protection of the environment – SmartPaani shows that this argument couldn’t be more false. Every. Single. Day.



Kings Center for Research and Development: the brains

Another organisation we’d like to highlight is the Kings Center for Research and Development (CERAD). They mainly help us with the outreach to students. Their work consists of doing research, formulating policy briefs, conducting case studies, providing research training, conducting surveys, evaluations, and learning documentation. Clearly the right people to have around when you want to know more about research!



Blincventure: our PR partner

Bringing people together, especially people that share the same objectives. does exactly that. This online platform for Social Entrepreneurs provides visibility and helps them to tap into important resources – all to enable them to live up to their best potential.




We’re blessed to be working with such great partners. Helping each other out is a must if we are really serious about social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. We’re sure that with friends like this nothing can stop us!