Crystal-clear water, in every ocean, from every tap. That’s Dopper’s goal. Our nemesis? Single-use water bottles. That’s why we created the ultimate reusable water bottle, called Dopper. This bottle battles the throwaway lifestyle. And it is working. Up until now, we’ve prevented over 40 million kilos of single-use plastic from entering our oceans. Feels pretty good. But when you realise that we throw a garbage truck of plastic waste in our oceans every minute, we still have a long way to go. Luckily, we’re not doing this alone. We believe that we need the next generation of changemakers – yes you! – to change the world. That’s why we started a competition: the Dopper Changemaker Challenge.


Thesis award with a goal

We all know the recipe for plastic soup. Just add over 9 billion kilos of plastic waste to the ocean every year. Stir a little. Done! More plastic than fish by 2050. We don’t like those numbers. With the Dopper Changemaker Challenge we started our own thesis award to accelerate the development of solutions that have a big impact on the plastic and water issues.


Hello. Is it you we’re looking for?

Probably YES. We need the help of every student Bachelor or Master, from Product Design to Biology, from Marketing to Economics. It doesn’t even matter if you just started brainstorming for ideas or already finished your graduation project or thesis. As long as your graduation evolves around clean water and/or plastic waste and you live in either the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK or Nepal. Not sure if you can join? Let’s check!

  • Your project is about clean water and/ or plastic waste. You can find some examples here.
  • You are or were registered at a university as a Bachelor or Master student, national and international students can join the Dopper Changemaker Challenge;
  • You are still working on your graduation project or thesis, or finished it after 1 September 2018;
  • You determine(d) the subject of your project or thesis yourself;
  • You are available on 29 May 2019, and you can be personally present during the finals on 15 June 2019;
  • Are you writing your thesis for a company? No problem. Read the article about thesis embargos here.
  • You submitted your idea before 12 April 2019.

Still not sure? Feel free to contact us with your dilemma. We’re happy to help.


When you sign up for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge you (and your graduation project) stand a chance to get featured in the media, be invited on stage, get useful network introductions and win a research grant up to NRS 200.000. This way, we hope you can make your project ground-breaking. How about using the funding to build a prototype, or for a trip to that prestigious research facility? Or for starting a crowdfunding campaign? This challenge is only the beginning!


Global thesis award. In four countries.

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge started in the Netherlands in 2017, but this year we are going global! We’re coming to Amsterdam (for Dutch and Belgian students), Berlin, London and Kathmandu. This doesn’t mean you have to live or study in those cities, as long as you live in one of the participating countries, you’re fine. You might have to travel to the capital for participation though.


For your calendar

Make sure to put these dates in your phone:


Send in your graduation project/research before 12 April 2019. If you don’t, you’re disqualified. But you’re still cool because of your subject. We hope to see your application next year!


Today our judges will announce the twenty semi-finalists. Exciting, right?


15 June 2019 FINALS
The finals take place worldwide in the weekend of 15 and 16 of June, where – out of the 20 semi-finalists – the 10 winners of research grants will be chosen per location. You can sign up for the challenge here! Don’t be shy to do so, any student can save the planet!