Your innovative project can change the world.

Is your graduation project or thesis about water and/or plastic pollution? Send it in for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge and stand a chance to win a €5000,- research grant, and more.

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Your innovative project can change the world.

Crystal clear water, in every ocean, from every tap. That’s Dopper’s goal. Pretty ambitious, but we’re not in this alone. We believe that the next generation of changemakers – yes you! – will change the world. That’s why we started a competition: the Dopper Changemaker Challenge. And this year it is going global! We’re coming to The Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Nepal.

So, if you want to make an impact with your graduation project or thesis about water and/or plastic waste, sign up! This is your chance to win funding up to €5.000,-, to get featured in the media, to be invited on stage and to get useful network introductions. And to save the planet, of course. Sign up before 12 April 2019!



Don’t wait for change to happen, challenge yourself to be the changemaker!

The Story of Ayumi Matsuzaka

Find out how Ayumi Matsuzaka used her soil art to inspire 100% compostable, plastic-free diapers that are turned into nutrient-rich fertiliser! The first completely biodegradable diaper “The first time I tried to compost “eco” diapers in 2014, I failed. In my compost box, there were […]

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Changemaker Challenge plastic freedom beth uk

The Story of Beth Noy

After getting fed up with all the plastic waste in her life, changemaker Beth Noy founded Plastic Freedom, an online store that delivers plastic-free alternatives to your doorstep! The first steps to zero plastic “I first decided to go plastic free in March 2017 after […]

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Changemaker Challenge boy

These students competed before you

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge has started again! A good time to look back at the previous edition. When recalling last year we think of our finale week which featured: a smooth sailing trip across the Markermeer, a late-night bonfire dance-sessions, and some morning yoga – […]

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