What to do with 5 grand?

No idea how to spend €5000 of research budget? Maybe we can help.

You can use the research money for everything that can help you to achieve better research results. Consider the amount as extra addition to your research!  It’s the icing on your cake, the cheese on your pizza, or the perfect beer collar of your Dutch beer. For example, make a documentary to view your results in a film. You could, of course, Google an interview with your favorite Harvard professor, but what if you could meet him/ her in person by flying to the States? Or maybe you would like to verify certain hypotheses yourself and dive to the bottom of the ocean.
Anything is possible, as long as you can justify your choice and explain why the investment is an added value to your research.

We fully trust your ingenuity, but in case you would like to brainstorm or need additional information, please email us at changemakerchallenge@dopper.com or check the FAQ. Not sure what topic to submit? Get some inspiration via our inspiration page!