Trending topic: microplastics

Plastic perishes after a while when it ends up in our environment. Under the influence of for instance Uv radiation and weather conditions it degrades into small pieces. It only never disappears completely, it becomes smaller and smaller over time. This plastic is also called micro plastic.

We know relatively little about its quantity and composition, especially in rivers and inland waters. But it is exactly those little parts that possibly have the biggest impact on the environment. They are easily eaten by for instance birds and fishes and thus end up in our food chain.

More insights could be useful. So do you want to do research on microplastics along our coast line, rivers, parks, and roadsides? For example from an environmental or physics point of view, or geography. You will first develop a protocol. Then you collect, manage and analyse all data and tell us the latest trends!

Plastic Soup Foundation can provide support.