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The Story of Upasna Acharya

Facts, facts, facts. In the end, that is what all good research is built on. And it is some amazing research we need if we want to find new solutions to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in our waters. Upasna also believes this to be true, which is the motivation behind her work for CERAD, the Center for Research and Development of King’s College Nepal.


Let’s start with some facts, shall we?

The start of Upasna’s career has much to do with Nepal’s culture of in-house research. She wants to encourage Universities in Nepal to publish a number of great academic articles themselves, instead of relying on other Uni’s work. Especially in regards to pollution and how to tackle the international dimension of this issue, every country has valuable contributions to make. For this reason, Upasna focuses mainly on student-led collaborations. The goal? Making King’s College Nepal a university with an international reputation.


Getting serious

What Upasna and her colleagues do on a day-to-day basis? They give classes for students on how to improve their research techniques – something that you can never learn to do too well. Think for example of training sessions on how to extract data, how to correctly use this data, and how to utilise previously conducted research.


Making that change

Although Upasna humbly says she doesn’t consider herself a changemaker yet, we think that this one time she is wrong (maybe she didn’t do her research correctly ;-)). We believe that Upasna is a real champion making an impact to her community every day. Maybe it is not as visible as Suman’s huge water filtration systems [insert link], but helping Nepal’s best and brightest to reach their full potential is fundamental. We are proud that we are working with Upasna and CERAD as a partner, for more info about our glorious partnership – take a look at our partner page here.


Advice for other changemakers

“Plastic has become a way of life and slowly, we are drowning in it. The discarded heavy plastics have detrimental effects on our environment and on ourselves. It’s high time we wake up and set up initiatives to beat plastic pollution. No effort is too small to make a difference. Be the change you want to see in your community!”

Are you the research-king that King’s College adores so much? – Sign up for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge here.