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The Story of Pankaj Paniyar

One of the changemakers in Nepal is Pankaj Paniyar. With his hard work in the waste recycling business, he hopes to inspire those around him to come up with solutions for problems. Problems that are far too often ignored


From problem to solution

Doko Recyclers started by focusing on a problem that seems to be prevalent in Nepal: poorly maintained and overflowing landfills full of waste. This, of course, asks for bold solutions. And bold solutions is exactly what they came up with! “Waste dump in Nepal now offer no environmental protection. It is our priority to change these into waste management systems that retain useful resources within the economy” – said Pankaj. How they do this?, by focussing on four key principles: extraction, recycling, refurbishment, and recovery. In simpler words: Doko Recyclers takes useful materials out of the garbage to reuse or use as a resource for something else. Materials that were useless all of a sudden become useful and exactly what we need! – magic.



The work that Doko Recycling does helps to both reduce Nepal’s garbage heap but also gives a boost to the economy and production capacities. This combination makes the company a first-of-its-kind social enterprise. Everybody wins. By streamlining the informal recycling industry and introducing innovative solutions, recycling becomes significantly more efficient for everyone. This hassle-free service increases recycling rates and lowers carbon emissions.

Going the extra mile

Apart from their important work on a day-to-day basis, Doko actually wants to make sure the waste (that isn’t really waste) does not end up in the landfills at all. This requires a shift in mindset. That’s why they also focus on awareness, providing onsite solutions, pickup services, and Environmental Impact Certifications.


About Pankaj

Pankaj himself is known as a master of all trades, but he tends to focus on e-waste. Electronic devices that get thrown out, like your computer, washing machine, or microwave. His passion got him the title of E-waste Management Business Head. What does someone with his job title do? Pankaj is developing and implementing protocols for electronic, hazardous, and industrial waste. Being an Electronics Engineer, he is also often found researching how to best manage hazardous waste in Nepal, including refurbishing electronic goods – giving them a new life.
Advice to future Changemakers

“Think about the source of the problem first. We cannot solve all of our waste problems with just one solution. Implementing a system where people are encouraged to use reusable items instead of single-use is one solution. There is no one-step-solution to our waste management problems, but implementing systems like ours will lead to incremental change.”


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