The Story of Louisa Dellert

Louisa Dellert had it all as a gym influencer. But she turned her life around almost three years ago, when she wanted to take an underwater photo in Malta. Surrounded by the enormous amount of plastic waste, she was amazed. Her first urge was to clean it all up. But she realized that was not the end of the story – you have to think about where all this plastic comes from. This confrontation made a profound impact on her and how she wanted to organise both her life and her business.


Moving away from solely caring for comments and likes, she decided to turn her life around. With a large following to her disposal, the mission became to share her stories on sustainable choices – hopefully serving as inspiration for others. The most striking problem that she encountered was trying to stop consuming plastic – it truly is everywhere. And her actions are needed – nearly 45 million ton waste is produced by the Germans only. Louisa wants to change this. Avoiding garbage, minimizing CO2 emissions – is a mail order business not a contradiction to a zero-waste lifestyle / sustainable lifestyle? Yes! Unfortunately, in Germany stores that do refuse to use unsustainable packaging are not on every streetcorner. These might invite you to a garbage-free lifestyle. Moreover, the mail order business is booming nowadays. That’s why Louisa founded Naturalou – an online webshop where you can find environmental friendly and conscious products. Louisa’s goal? To make the mail order industry as environmentally friendly as possible.


With this ambitious goal, Louisa tries to make the most sustainable choices. This is of course trial and error, and that’s okay. Her lesson is that you will learn along the way, as long as you are committed to sustainability, you will learn. With her social-media account, she wants to help people to create this awareness and help them to create a sustainable lifestyle.


Her message for students? – Students have all the reason in the world to be self-confident, and realising their dreams. Don’t spend much time worrying what others might think of you. Nothing is impossible.


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