The semi-finalists are here!

The first international edition of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge is already a huge success! We are overwhelmed by the amount of applications that came in from all the different countries. The goal of our project was of course to engage students with the mission of Dopper: clean water in every ocean, from every tap. What actually happened is that all of you inspired US!


We’ve read so many great ideas, that we obviously never thought of before. It was incredibly difficult to make a good selection of semi-finalists – but we got there. Aside from the difference in nationality, we also clearly see the diversity in educational backgrounds of the semi-finalists. The problem of plastic pollution and access to water is such a big problem that it requires an interdisciplinary approach. We all have a role to play!


Before introducing the individual semi-finalists we have to thank every single one of you for dedicating his/her time to this important topic. You might have not been selected, but we hope that this won’t stop you. Take this energy with you in whatever you decide to do after this, this is after all a topic that is bigger than any single one of us. We’re going to need everyone. It’s great to already have you onboard!


But without further ado, the semi-finalists for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge 2019 are:



  • Agnes Isabel Hoffmann
  • Anna Volc
  • Carina Käller
  • Carla Maria Scagnetti
  • Charlotte Stadtbäumer
  • Fana Gizaw Teferra
  • Franziska Glückstein
  • Friedrich Kegel
  • Jannik Lutz
  • Jannis Veddermann
  • Jonas Varga
  • Kathrin Fleischmann
  • Lisa Burghardt
  • Lukas Novaes Tump
  • Malu Luecking
  • Maximilian Friedischak
  • Mirjam Faber
  • Moritz Koch
  • Stefan Gerbes
  • Tobias Weiss



  • Aashraf Pradhanang
  • Aman K.C
  • amrit regmi
  • Amrita Sigdel
  • Anisha Maharjan
  • Bigyan Subedi
  • Bikash Sapkota
  • Bishan Man Thaiba
  • Kanchan Pathak
  • Lilu Kumari Thapa
  • Nameeta Nepal
  • Pallavi Kunwar
  • Pawan Ojha
  • Prasesh Pote Shrestha
  • Sandip Kshetri
  • Shreya Shrestha
  • Smriti Katwal
  • Sudati Shrestha
  • Suraj Shrestha
  • Vijan Bhandari


The Netherlands and Belgium:

  • Alex Chiodo
  • Anastasia Deligianni
  • Annerieke Bouwman
  • Arne Saldi
  • Colin Deblonde
  • Daphne Persoon
  • Hannah van de Kerkhof
  • Jelle Kaptein
  • Jordy Bulckaen
  • Jouri Schoenmaker
  • Karelia Martinez
  • Lennert Van Rompaey
  • Lotte Jonkergouw
  • Louise-Anne (Loulou) Zaat
  • Michiel Van Melkebeke
  • Nikki Groote Schaarsberg
  • Roos Kolkman
  • Samantha G. R. Jenkins
  • Shaakira Jassat
  • Zilver de Longh


The United Kingdom:

  • Ahsan Syed
  • Alexander Kumi-Larbi Jnr
  • Amber Perera
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Georgia Torres
  • Haamid Iqbal
  • Hannah Guest
  • Juan Francisco Michelena
  • Kristian Parton
  • Marcus Rodin
  • Matas Jakubelis
  • Michail Dzigajev
  • Mohamed Kamal
  • Natalie Kwong
  • Nattawut Yuntawattana
  • Ondrej Ludvik
  • Paul Sutherland
  • Sarah Kakadellis
  • Sarah Read
  • Uma Dassaye


Congratulations to all! You will receive an e-mail about the next steps.