Road litter

With a bit of fantasy plastic litter could be art, it is a fact that it is not the most environmental friendly art form then. So if we want to get rid of all that plastic along the roadside, how can we make that happen? And what is the hidden cost of all this litter?

Breaking habits and changing behaviour is an important part of the solution. It is important to learn more about the litter that ends up in our streets, for instance where it was found and which brand it is. How did it end up there and who is the target group? How can this target group be triggered to change behaviour, which incentives do they have or are needed and how effective are current methods?

Also economically road litter has a lot of secrets. What is the cost analysis of cleaning litter and is the city government aware of this? How much money or man hours are spend and who pays for this, do companies or do all citizens?

Plastic Soup Foundation can provide support.