Meet the Judges in the Netherlands

Meet the 2019 Dopper Changemaker Challenge jury of the Dutch semi-finals and finals! From marine biologists to award-winning entrepreneurs and conservation experts, these seven judges are gearing up to shortlist 20 ideas, which include the future winners of research grants of up to €5,000!


Marco de Graaff – Wetsus

Marine biologist and water technologist Marco de Graaff is an expert on water, innovation and sustainability! At Wetsus, the European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, he leads different programs for water research and education. One of these programs supports Master & PhD students in bringing their ideas to market through entrepreneurial skills and business development training!


Ev Liu – Straw by Straw

Ev Liu is an award-winning sustainable entrepreneur and founder of Straw by Straw – a 100% organic alternative to plastic straws made from wheat cereal straw! Her brand won the 2018 Lidl Food Prize for initiatives within sustainable food production and consumption. Ev was also included on DJ100’s 2018 list of young sustainability leaders in the Netherlands, and discussed the plastic issue with Frans Timmermans, the First Vice-President of the EU Commission.


Reinier Lambers – WWF

Reinier Lambers wants to create a better world through business. He is a senior advisor in biodiversity and conservation for WWF Netherlands, with a focus on marine conservation, fisheries and sustainable finance. In addition to that, he is Leader Marine Impact Ventures, which means he turns conservation programs in the oceans into investable business opportunities!


Camille van Gestel, Waka Waka

Camille van Gestel is an entrepreneur at heart. He founded WakaWaka, an award-winning social enterprise that develops, manufactures and markets premium solar consumer products. On a mission to share the abundant power of the sun, WakaWaka’s consumer products serve all markets, from the billions worldwide who live without the luxury of electricity to the billions seeking renewable energy solutions.


Bert van Son, MUD Jeans

Founder of the Netherlands’ first circular jeans brand, Bert van Son knows about sustainable business. MUD Jeans leases its apparel to consumers, through their “Lease a Jeans” concept that was launched in 2013: after a one-year lease period, consumers can switch their jeans for another pair and continue leasing; return them to be re- or upcycled; or keep them. The lease contract includes free and unlimited repair services. MUD Jeans sells its products online and is available in a limited number of sustainable concept stores around the globe.


Justin Pariag, De Bijenkorf

Justin Pariag is Head of Sustainable Business at De Bijenkorf, the nation’s high-end department store. There, Justin is responsible for the development and launch of the company’s sustainability strategy, and advises the Board of Directors on critical sustainability issues. He aims to integrate sustainability into the company’s day-to-day operations, and trains the right people for that goal.


Virginia Yanquilevich, Dopper

Virginia Yanquilevich is Dopper’s CEO, and personally dedicated to letting the whole world know about our mission. With an impressive career in journalism, marketing & communications, Virginia has over 20 years of business experience. She is ambitious, thinks big and strives for one thing in particular: creating social impact through business.


Are you a higher vocational or university student graduating with a project related to clean water or plastic waste? Send us your graduation topic by 12 April for a chance to turn your plastic-free or crystal-clear water idea into a game-changing solution!

What’s in it for you? Research grants, introductions to an established network, and valuable business and promo support!