Meet the Judges in Nepal

For this first edition of the Dopper Changemaker Challenge in Nepal we are happy to work with a wonderful selection of judges form a variety of different fields. From boots-on-the-ground organisers, to professors and directors, each of these individuals are knowledgeable on the topic of plastic waste and access to water. More importantly however, each of these judges has experience in what it means to make actual impact with their work. Something that we all believe, each and everyone of you can do as well, regardless of the NRS 200.000 prize you might or might not win.

Shilshila Acharya

The CEO of Himalayan Climate Initiative, Shishila Acharya, knows what it means to take matters in your own hands and take on a leadership role in one’s community. One of the projects Shishila initiated is the “No Thanks! I Carry My Own Bag” campaign. This passion for plastic pollution, and more importantly her enthusiasm to find solutions for it, makes her the plastic expert of this year’s edition. Through her work she hopes to inspire other Nepalese people (you!) to determine their own path on how to help their country.

Suman Shakya

When it comes to water Suman is our man. The managing director of SmartPaani goes to work every day with the objective to provide more, and better, clean water access in Nepal. SmartPaani installed more than 2300 water filter installations in the last seven years. This has given 32,000 students in 155 schools access to drinking water. Moreover, every year the systems harvest 45,000,000 litres of rainwater, and treat 15,000 litres of wastewater. Given this background, Suman will thus look with particular attention to the projects that have a clear link with the topic: access to water.

Roshan Man Bajracharya

It wouldn’t be a student challenge without a member of the jury with a strong academic background – Roshan has just that. As a professor at the Kathmandu University, he works with students every single day. Roshan will focus mostly on the academic feasibility of your projects – is your idea innovative, and do your research methods fit the goal you have in mind?

Anil Chitrakar

Entrepreneur, engineer, motivational speaker, and co-founder of HCI! – is there anything Anil can’t do? Well, we know one, curb his enthusiasm for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge! Given Anil’s entrepreneurial spirit, he will look at all of your projects like a businessman. Is there potential to turn your idea into a thriving business?!

Lenny Houwaarts

The marketing manager of yours truly – Dopper! It feels a little strange to blow our own horn, but Dopper works with a very unique marketing mix, the motto is always: “message first”. Dopper is a social-enterprise. This means that we do not compromise our mission of reducing plastic waste in our waters in our marketing message. The bottle is the message.