Inspiration for your topic

The topics clean water and plastic waste may sound somewhat limiting. But they actually offer endless possibilities. To stimulate your creativity, we have drawn up a short list of ideas you can use as an inspiration or starting point for choosing your thesis topic:

  • How to encourage sustainable use of water and/or plastic?
  • How can we create plastic into an artpiece?
  • How do we ensure cleaner seas and oceans?
  • How can we reduce plastic waste through the art of theater?
  •  How can human behaviour be changed by design?
  • Is there an innovative technique imaginable to break down plastic?
  • How to develop cosmetics without micro plastics?
  • What are effective ways to filter water?
  • How do we create (more) awareness on plastic waste and/or polluted waste?
  • The effect of social influence on plastic waste
  • Fungi & the plastics problem
  • How can companies reduce their plastic waste?
  • How can we improve the processing of plastic waste?
  • Bio innovations
  • How can we reduce the pollution on the coast?
  • What social initiatives can contribute to cleaner water or the reducing of plastic waste?
  • How do we change recycling in upcycling?

It is also possible to tackle water and waste problems within your internship! Read more about doing your graduation project with a thesis embargo here.

Do you experience – despite the brain waves – difficulties choosing a topic? Or are you not sure whether your research topic is suitable for the Changemaker Challenge? Ask your supervisor or email us at