Here are the semi finalists!

Today, you are probably minding your own business, drinking some water to ease your headache that might’ve been the result of another party. And then: BAM! You are one of the semi finalists of the Changemaker Challenge! It could happen to you.

Is your name on the list?
Water has a calming effect, so make sure to take another sip before you scan this list for your name. Or don’t. Because you’ll probably spray somebody if you do spot a familiar name…

The semi finalists are:
Amy Mooijman
Bennet Edwin Kruit
Charlotte Meerstadt
Donna Algra
Edward Slaviero
Elizabeth Gachibu
Glenn Verhaege
Ivy Lemos
Jasper Schakel
Joris Memelink
Laure Herweyers
Lea Mazy
Lotte de Haan
Lotte Bouwman
Lynn Jula Kessler
Mark Smit
Philip Ehrhorn
Piek Kuppers
Rushabh Chheda
Victor Onink

For all semi finalists: well done! It’s time for another party we suppose. Remember to stay hydrated 😉