Alejandro Medina Aristizábal

In La Guajira, a desert region in the north of Colombia, many children die every year due to a lack of safe drinking water. Changemaker Challenge finalist Alejandro wants to use his invention to counter this.

The indigenous peoples of La Guajira suffer a shortage of water every dry season. The location, a desert next to the sea, means they only have access to seawater or brackish ground water. Naturally, this is unsuitable for consumption – due to the salt content. Alejandro Medina is studying Water Supply Engineering at the Unesco-IHE and wants to develop a prototype to filter salt from water. He wants to combine modern knowledge with indigenous methods and local materials to do this. Thus, not only can he provide clean drinking water, but cultural empowerment too. Because the ultimate objective is for the local population to build and implement the prototypes themselves.

Winning the Changemaker Challenge would enable Alejandro to develop and test his prototype in his home country of Colombia.